Parental Complaints, Concerns and Appeals

At ReNEW, we share the commitment to accountability that we ask of all of our parents and students, and we will address any concerns expeditiously and judiciously. Any parent may bring a compliant to the school director for any reason, including the request to appeal a disciplinary decision. The below process has been established so that students and parents may bring concerns, appeals or complaints to the attention of the appropriate party:

  1. If a concern arises from a school situation, students or parents should first discuss it with the teacher, or staff member most directly involved.

  2. If the students or parents concerned believe that the discussion has not led to a satisfactory conclusion, they may proceed to discuss the matter with a dean of students, assistant principal, or principal in an attempt to reach a solution.

  3. If the students or parents believe that the situation still has not been resolved, concerns should be taken to the school director (contact info on the reverse of this sheet). The school Director will first investigate the matter to ensure that Steps 1 and 2 have been appropriately documented and completed, then record the complaint and/or appeal and will address any concerns regarding appeal of a disciplinary decision, or any action or inaction taken by the school administration, within three school days of the appeal and within five days from the time the complaint is introduced.

  4. If the situation still has not been resolved to the satisfaction of the students or parents, concerns should be directed to the ReNEW Chief of Student Support Services, Emily Waterfield at or ReNEW CEO, Tanya Bryant at Both individuals can also be contacted via U.S. Mail at 1607 South Carrollton Ave., New Orleans, LA 70118. The complaint and/or appeal will be recorded and addressed as quickly as possible and no longer than five school days from the time the complaint and/or appeal is introduced.

  5. If following a conversation and/or meeting with the ReNEW Chief of Student Support Services or ReNEW CEO has not resolved the situation to the satisfaction of the students or parents, the matter should be taken to the Board of Directors. The chair of the board, Stephen Rosenthal, can be reached at

The student or parents may request that the Board of Directors appoint an advocate or representative from the respective school who has no direct involvement or conflict with the matter to participate with the Board to provide any input into the Board decision. The parent requesting a representative will be required to complete a release of student information form allowing the selective representative to view the student’s information. The appointed person will be required to execute a Confidentiality Agreement to maintain the integrity of the process and to protect any confidential information that may be necessary to disclose.

Emergency issues will be dealt with on an as‐needed basis. The Board of Directors, as necessary, shall direct the school director or other responsible party to act upon the complaint and report its resolution to the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors shall render a final determination in writing, as necessary.

If after presentation of a complaint to the Board of Directors, the students or parents believe that the Board of Directors has not adequately address the complaint, they may present the complaint to the charter authorizer, Orleans Parish School Board (OPSB) which shall investigate and respond. The authorizer shall have the power and the duty to issue appropriate remedial orders to the Board of Directors of ReNEW.

The OPSB’s Family and Community Specialist can be contacted at (504)359‐5437. For more information on the disabilities complaint process, please see our website at